Why Are Calendars So Important?

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If you don’t already use a calendar, then I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t need a calendar! I’ve never had to use one, so why would I need one?”

Well, my friend, I can surely tell you that using a personal calendar will only enhance your life. I never thought I needed one either. I used notes on my phone and actual sticky notes to remind myself of things when I needed to. Beyond that, my memory served me pretty well for events.

But there are a couple of things that happen when you start to use your own personal calendar. 

  1. Your brain frees up space for more
  2. Procrastination reduces dramatically
  3. You can spend more time doing what you want
  4. You live less stressed

Your Brain Will Be Thanking You

Now you don’t have to memorize all those birthdates, that picnic you planned with Jess in a couple of weeks, or even what days you need to pay your subscriptions. Sure, they are “burned into your brain,” you don’t have any trouble memorizing them, so what’s the problem? It’s still taking up space.

Spongebob may be a kid’s show, but it does give a great analogy in one of its episodes. Think of your brain as an office filled with filing cabinets. Every event memorized, your skills, your interests, every experience that makes you, You, is here.

Spongebob has trouble learning how to make it in the fine dining business during the episode because his other thoughts and interests keep getting in the way. Basically, his brain is full. To fix this, his brain decides to throw out everything and only hold on to its memories of fine dining. And breathing. All of a sudden, he can focus on fine dining. He comically became a fine dining machine.

Although this was a funny episode and is a highly exaggerated example, it still has some truth. How can you expect to fully focus on your goals when miscellaneous thoughts about whatever else you find important in life hinder your progress?

Unless the thoughts are recorded elsewhere other than your mind, you still have to think about them. They still take up space, and require time thinking of them and remembering them.

Even if it doesn’t feel like a problem now, your brain will be thanking you once all those miscellaneous thoughts aren’t cluttering your filing cabinets.

Oh Yeah, I’ll Just Do it Later…

Procrastination should be a Seven Deadly Sin. It’s so easy to do, especially when you already feel overwhelmed. I bet you’ll never guess what tool can help this terrible issue… A calendar! 

Keeping yourself organized and setting deadlines helps tremendously with procrastinating. Personally, actually seeing what needs to be done and when has helped me immensely.

I am a visual person, so when I think, “This isn’t due till tomorrow night; I have so much time, so I’ll start it later!” vs. when I see “This is due tomorrow and I know I won’t do it after work. I should get it done right now!”

Once I got a calendar set up for myself, I could actually see the time I had left to do things. It wasn’t just a concept anymore. It was tangible. This made it that much more real and forced me to stop procrastinating.

Time Is Just a Concept

Time is single-handedly the most valuable thing in the world. Everyone is theoretically given the same amount, and you can’t just buy more of it. Unfortunately, it’s also an easy thing to lose track of. 

You want your time to be used well and never wasted, but it’s easy to get sucked into a single project for hours or get distracted on social media until the day is gone. Having an organized calendar keeps your time in check. You can see how much time it takes for each task and keep track of how much you can get done in a day without it getting away from you. 

Now that you know how much time your project for work will take, you can schedule more things to do for yourself! Use your calendar to see how much time you’re spending on your work vs. yourself. You may see that you’re using a lot of time during the day doing nothing. But you know, if nothing is what you want to do that day, then that’s okay. Add that to your calendar as well!

Destress Your Life

There’s no reason to worry about missing a deadline or meet up when you have everything you need to know in one tangible place. No need to rack your brain to try and remember where you’re meeting Joe for coffee next Wednesday. Or was it Thursday?

A calendar fixes all of this. Your mind is decluttered, your projects and goals are all on track, and you have time to do what you want to do more often! What does this all equal? A stress-free, happier life! Well, as much as one simple habit can do, at least.

All of these benefits have long-term effects when you do it consistently. Keep your calendar updated with everything you have going on, and you’ll never be stressed about missing a deadline or overlapping plans again. Organization is a beautiful tool that can really make a difference in someone’s work production and life.

Of course, these are just the benefits I have experienced personally from maintaining a calendar. Maybe you’ll experience things a little bit differently. One thing is for certain that you’ll never know what it can bring to your life if you never try!

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