Creating an Email Campaign

Twisted Road is a company made to fix this problem and connect motorcyclists from across the country. They offer the option of either renting a motorcycle or renting out your own. Either way is very safely insured through a third-party insurance worth thousands in reimbursements and through their rigorous background checks of each motorist.

Since renting motorcycles is their only job, they make the experience safe and worry-free for both parties involved. 

The problem is even though Twisted Road offers these services with impeccable coverage, many motorcyclists don’t trust the idea enough to rent out their own bikes. So I decided to create some emails to open up their minds to the possibilities this service could create.

Research and email list

The first thing I needed to do was find people to market this amazing company to. To do this, I first looked through Twisted Road’s Instagram and other social media. I looked through multiple links, shares, and through their partner companies for leads.

I also researched multiple bike shops, customization stores, and community groups through Facebook. I was able to get names and contacts either directly from Facebook or by plugging them into Linkedin sales navigator.

I looked for people who were interested in motorcycles, who own motorcycles, and people who were interested in adventure and traveling. Then I took all of these leads and put them into Linkedin Sales Navigator to find their emails and similar emails to people in their field or community.

These methods gave me dozens of professional bikers and activists along with hobbyists and potential hobbyists alike. Now that we have an extensive email list to work with, we need to market ourselves at Twisted Roads to the interested parties.

Marketing Emails

My goal is to show people the value of Twisted Road and for them to sign up with the company! There are three incentives that I decided to play to with these emails. 

  1. Money
  2. Passion and Community
  3. Travel

I made two emails that encompass all three topics in a general statement and two separate emails for each of these specific topics. To figure out what to send to who, I separated each person into two email groups. 

The first group is for people who are interested in travel, exploration, and adventure. These are the people I got from travel Facebook groups and for people based in smaller towns or cities.

The second group is for passion or community-driven people. These are the people that own shops and stores for bikes, or are a part of the Facebook groups for riders.

Everyone starts by getting a General Email.  If they sign up with the general email, fantastic! If they don’t sign up, a week later they will get a “money” email. Then four days later they will get either a “community” email or a “travel” email. If none of those work, they will get the second money email a week later, and another week after that the last specified email.


This email explains what Twisted Road is and includes all its benefits in a short summarization. It is short and sweet and has three separate links for “money”, “passion, and “travel”. Each link takes you to the signup page. Using Google Analytics and Salesforce, we can see exactly what link brought them there. This information can curate our future marketing strategies.

This general email gets sent out to everyone on our contact list generated from Linked

In Sales Navigator. The goal is for them to signup using just the first email, but since that doesn’t always happen, the next couple categories become more specific to each person.

Each email has the insurance information on the bottom as shown above. Safety is potentially the biggest reason people don’t use this service, so making this information very available could make more sales as people talk themselves into it by seeing these numbers as their safety net.


Everyone likes the idea of a side hustle. Motorcyclists especially since owning a bike can be a pricey hobby. Money is a great incentive especially when there is very little work involved to make it! This is always the first email to get sent since we need more people to rent out their bikes and it’s the biggest incentive.

Passion and Community

Since motorcyclists are such a tight-knit community, I decided to use the idea of meeting new people and creating connections across the US. Most motorcyclists have an instant connection due to their shared passion for such a dangerous hobby.


These emails include beautiful scenery to explore and enjoy! This email thread can also easily become a newsletter for the best places to explore on a motorcycle.

Sales Emails

The goal for the marketing emails was to hook the reader. Now the sales emails should reel them in! The marketing emails should have influenced the readers to sign-up for the service, but they haven’t purchased anything yet. I made two more emails for this step. 

The first email is advertising the $25 off/ 25% off if you either rent your motorcycle or book a rental yourself within the first couple of days of signing up! This appeals to anyone who wants to make or save money. Since it needs to be done within a limited time, it also appeals to the Last chance fallacy.

The second email gives three of the top riding locations in the US with two links to well-priced bike options each. This email has multiple pictures and appeals to the senses and the dream of riding in amazing and beautiful places.

Mailchimp Setup

I used Mailchimp to set up the email design and to schedule each one according to the timeline. Since the safety of the individual as well as the bikes is of utmost importance to our customers, I made sure each email has all of the insurance information on the bottom of each email; no matter what the topic is.


Once the emails are all sent out, I use Salesforce to track the progress of my emails and schedule future ones. Salesforce shows me what emails went through and made a connection. I can also see who interacted with the emails including what links they clicked on like in the general email.

I used Salesforce to import all my contacts, group them into their specific interest groups, and add their follow-up emails to the calendar. This keeps the process organized and streamline and it also helps me gain more information with each lead as they interact with my emails.

The Value of Email Marketing

The leads I generated were mainly in cold Illinois and the windy Chicago area, so I focused on the warmth of California, the Southwest, and the East Coast to drive this marketing campaign. For each campaign, marketing specific targets and ideals will improve sales dramatically!

Knowing that each person is already interested in the general market, then further breaking it down into their more specific interest is a great way to make sure your emails are going to real potential customers. This is an amazing way to generate additional sales and create new leads with very little effort.

With each email, you are expanding the opportunity to grow the company by reaching more and more people. You are also creating value in the eye of the consumer by providing curated information to each individual.

Email campaigns are a great way to reach new leads and generate more sales no matter what company you’re working with!

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